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The DynaSmiles® by DNT - Something to Smile About!

The DynaSmiles® are our refreshingly delightful and original character illustrations reflecting happy black women on high quality paper goods such as journals, planners, notebooks and more to help you conquer each day with a smile.

Meet The Artist

Photo Credit: Denisse Benitze Photography

Daveia Odoi
Owner & Illustrator
DNT Dynamite Design, LLC.

Hi, my name is Daveia Odoi, pronounced Day-Vee-Yah Oh-Doy, and I'm the owner and illustrator behind The DynaSmiles®. 

This brand was born back in 2009 through the loving push of my husband. After witnessing how often I resorted to making my own invitations and greeting cards (since I couldn't find anything that represented me), he encouraged me to be the solution I was looking for.  So, together we learned how to offer my art on tangible goods like what you see here and have been doing so ever since.

In April 2020, my family changed forever when my husband and best friend, the father of our two children, died from cancer.  He was my number one supporter in life and in business who worked tirelessly to ensure our family's success.

In honoring his legacy of being the ultimate encourager, this brand will continue onward as the Lord allows. 

We've always considered our work here as instruments of hope embodied in something so simple yet so profound as an inviting smile. That's why we create these products to brighten your day because life at times can be extremely rough and having something to help soften the harder days is always welcomed. I understand this now more than ever before... Having sources of inspiration is absolutely necessary to make it through each day. 

With that in mind, thank you for choosing The DynaSmiles® as one of your sources of daily inspiration. Creating these products with their bright colors and lovely characters that look like you and reflect your joy is my extreme pleasure.

Rest in heaven to my heart's most treasured and beloved friend, Edmund Odoi (1979 - 2020). I love you forever and always. And like you always said let us "keep moving forward". 

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