Beau-coup Affiliate Program — Event Planners
Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: SUNNY4
Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: SUNNY4

For Event Planners

Earn Commission with the Beau-coup Affiliate Program


Affiliate marketing is for Professional Service Providers who are web savvy and comfortable with using special 'tagged' links to place orders. You must have an established, content rich website to apply.

While the program is free to join, we have found that it is a better fit for business professionals who plan to send more than 10 client orders a year to Beau-coup . To see the most common questions asked about this program, please visit our Event Planner FAQ.

Whether you would like samples of our products to place in your retail storefront or are looking for ideas as you plan extravagant destination weddings, we can help you provide your clients with truly unique party favors. Beau-coup hopes to become your preferred party favor provider and we look forward to creating a mutually beneficial and lasting relationship.

Once approved, the Beau-coup Affiliate Program can earn you commission on sales made from clients directed to our site from your website, blog or e-mails, or on orders that you place yourself directly on behalf of clients.

Our Affiliate Program provides professional service providers with tools to maximize the earning potential for the services you can provide. Consider the following benefits:

  1. Instant Gratification & No Overhead
    Our Affiliate Program allows you to earn a commission on all orders you or your customers place on As an affiliate, you will have access to special URLs to drive traffic to Beau-coup from your website, blog or via e-mails and newsletters. For every order you or your client place with us for 90 days after their first click through, you will receive a percentage of the sale. There is no inventory handling or overhead cost. Beau-coup handles all customer service inquiries and manages all order processing and shipment tracking.
  2. High Revenue Share Percentage
    Commission levels start at 10% for content related sites and our average order size is approximately $150.
  3. Opportunity to Drive Higher Margin
    Event Planners you can offer a value-added service to your clients by placing their orders with Beau-coup directly and then marking up the total order value at your discretion for services rendered. Some service providers have driven up to 35% in net margins through their mark up and affiliate commission.
  4. Timely Payments & Reporting
    Through our third party program administrator you will receive real time reporting on your clicks and earnings. At the end of each month, as long as you have at least $50 in commission in your account, you will be paid via check or direct deposit.

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